Our services and activities have been recognized by various international communities. Receiving these awards is not only encourage our team but also scientists on developing useful technology for our better society.

The finalists (top 10) of the Hello Tomorrow Japan (Deep Tech), 2019

The CEO presented at the Hello Tomorrow JAPAN

The top 500 startups from the Hello Tomorrow Global (from over 4,500 applications), 2019

The Development of interoperable data platform and implementation for the agricultural community from the Japanese Society of Agricultural Informatics (JSAI), Japan

The trophy

“Many of the worldwide databases are heterogeneous in their use, and program development to use them was extremely inefficient. Candidates not only propose and implement from an early date ( like 2006 ) on an interoperable data platform and API for solving foundation problem but also develop this solution as a sustainable business. These series of developments and activities have a significant impact on a data structure and accelerate the usage of deep technology to the real fields. Not only Japan that be benefit from ListenField’s development but also in the world. Thus this activity is highly valued both inside and outside Japan.” Rassarin, the CEO is presenting our activity after receiving the award.

The CEO was presenting our activity after receiving the award.

Acceleration program

500Kobe Track2, Japan

The CEO was presenting at 500Kobe Demo Day

FoodTrack by Maersk Track1, Denmark


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Integrated Predictive Agronomic Platform

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